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2007-08-15 18:03:11 by tazz28


Thwomps the movie done it!

We made top of the week =]

We put so much time into this.

Thanks to everyone who voted 5's, Psycosis91, Daniel Sun Yoshi1up and Everyone else who supprted the movie =]

Glad to see all the hard work wasn't a waste ;)


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2007-08-15 18:04:13

Haha, congrats! =)


2007-08-15 18:38:35

Didn't deserve first.

Maybe a daily 5th, nothing more. BUT SINCE IT INVOLVED MARIO everyone 5's it. fuck you NG voters.


2007-08-15 19:33:55

GoodJob man...Desptie what yodd said, this movie completely deserved the award(s) it got..I'm not sure what that asshole is pissed off about but he shouldn't take his anger out on flash artists...


2007-08-15 21:47:06

I think it deserved its spot at first too.
It's not just that it was Mario that everyone five'd it. It also had a clever script, some great edits, and a ton of effort put into it.


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